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All events have to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act. No 2 of 2010, City of by-laws for the relevant City regarding waste, fire and disaster management, construction regulations 2014, building regulations, SANS 10366:2012 Ed 2.1 and associated regulations.

Where applicable, safety plans as set out in the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act have to be submitted in advance with the permit application. Structural engineers are required to certify all temporary structures or any structure identified by the appointed safety officer, who must be appointed by the event organiser.. The safety officer must be present for the duration of the event, from build-up to strike. A safety file must be compiled, available for inspection and must contain all certificates of compliance.

Safety at Sports and Recreational Events

● Pre-Event site inspections where necessary.
● Compile and prepare the event risk assessment.
● Application to the South African Police Services to obtain the event Risk Categorization.
● Appoint and provide an event safety officer.
● Compile written safety plans.
● Attend required ESSPC (Event Safety and Security Planning Committee) meetings.
● Ensure the event complies with applicable by-laws and all other relevant Regulations and Legislation.
● Represent organiser in the VOC (Venue Operations centre).

City JOC Approval

● Event application and presentations to the Relevant City JOC’s throughout South Africa.
● EMS (Fire Department) and Building Control applications for floor plan approvals.
● Noise exemption applications (if applicable)
● Liquor License applications (if applicable)
● Road closure applications (if applicable)
● Metro/Traffic notifications.
● Collection and compilation of all operational plans for submission to the City JOC.
● Compilation of the event specific written public safety and security plan
● Compilation of the written event specific Disaster Management Plan
● Collection of all certifications i.e. Electrical COC, Structural Engineer’s certificates, etc

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