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Eventing in South Africa isn’t as simple as it once was. There are national regulations to adhere to, as well as many different sets of regulations laid out by various municipalities. Since COVID-19, there are some new layers of compliance needed for events and event permits. Broadly speaking, your event should adhere to  Labour guidelines, The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act. No 2 of 2010 to City by-laws on health, waste, fire and disaster management, construction regulations 2014, building regulations, SANS 10366:2012 Ed 2.1 and associated regulations as well as the new Health Act being drafted in 2022 which extends to events.

Where applicable, safety plans as set out have to be created or submitted in advance in order to be compliant.
An appointed safety officer will need to do a risk assessment, ensure it is compliant and then be present to implement all regulations in that plan.


What are some of the plans covered in a JOC application?

Gas plan, floor plan, fire plan, ticketing plan, capacity plan, disaster plan, medical plan, safety plan, waste plan to name a few of the plans. 


Certificates of compliance
A certificate of compliance is required for the following:

 Electrical connections from generators or other installations
 Gas cookers, heaters or food trucks
 Structural builds, overhead equipment and staging
 Fire retardant certificates for draping


Certificates of Acceptability
Any person who wishes to sell or distribute perishable food stuffs will need to be in possession of a valid food vendor COA.
This will need to be displayed visibly and the rules and regulations set out by the Environmental Health Department will need to be followed.

A note from our CEO

United Safety Services was established to provide event organisers with a more personal service offering in the events permit marketplace. We understand how frustrating permit acquisition can be and we hope to make this process easier and less frustrating.

Craig Green

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