Not all crowd barriers are created equally, that’s why we offer a variety of barrier styles to our
customers. We use our in-depth knowledge of the crowd control industry to supply products
that work in all situations. Our goal is to provide you with simple, efficient and dependable
products as you plan an event. Our crowd control experts are available to assist you with any
fencing or barrier related queries.

Any instance where an event is to be held, certain measures must be taken to regulate the
crowds that will attend. Successful crowd management is always important for organizers and
requires careful planning. However, finding the right crowd control barriers can be a tough and
time consuming task. Why not allow us to guide you through the process, from vision to


Crowd control barriers must be deployed efficiently and in the correct manner. These
barricades ensure that security can control guests at an event. They enable organizers and event
managers to keep check of the public and to guide them throughout the event space. Your
barrier is only as strong as your weakest link.
Crowd control barriers help identify off limits areas to patrons, and assist with the formations of
queues, security check points, exits and crowd flow.
The number of barricades, fence sizes, design and the length will need to be determined when
planning the installation of the crowd control barricades.

Once all of these have been taken into consideration, organizers can use the correct barricade
accordingly. For example, barricades used at entrances are generally S shaped and discourage
larger crowds from pushing or stampeding forward unnecessarily.

Our fencing can be used for the following applications:

  • Non-collapsible front of stage barriers
  • Crowd entrances, exits and access points
  • Protecting VIP sections/restricted areas
  • High fencing with shade cloth for privacy
  • Demarcating backstage areas
  • Event perimeter fencing
  • Bar security fencing
  • Event spacing divisions

A note from our CEO

United Safety Services was established to provide event organisers with a more personal service offering in the events permit marketplace. We understand how frustrating permit acquisition can be and we hope to make this process easier and less frustrating.

Craig Green

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